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PV Valves Testing



These valves are extensively used to alleviate the problems caused by thermal effects and the filling and emptying of storage tanks and vessels.

Pressure/Vacuum valves are designed to limit the maximum pressure and vacuum that can exist in a tank. When a tank is being filled the gas (air, vapour, etc.) that filled the space above the liquid is compressed and if this pressure was allowed to exceed the design pressure of the tank, then it would explode.

Also, if the temperature of the tank increases, then the effect of vaporization and expansion would cause the pressure to emptying the tank, or a reduction in temperature, causes a vacuum to be created. If the stored liquid is not volatile then the tank can be allowed to breathe through a free vent. This is essentially an orifice with a hood and screen to keep out rain and birds. However, if the liquid is volatile then a free vent will allow valuable product vapour to be emitted to the ahmosphere.

By means of technology of top we realize the inspection of the valves using a modern test bench that allows the calibration of the section of pressure and of emptiness.